Accurate Payor Policy Retrieval with AI Healthcare Policy Software

Policy Copilot is healthcare policy software for healthcare professionals, helping them retrieve payor guidelines in a minute.

healthcare payer policy

How Policy Copilot Is Ideal Healthcare Payor Policy Chatbot?

  • Answer your complex payor policy question in a minute
  • Knowledge base trained on policy guidelines from authorities such as CMS and FDA.
  • Always available to give you advice on payor policy matters
  • Your personal healthcare policy assistant saves you time and money
  • Compliance with HIPPA security guidelines.

Policy Copilot Vs ChatGPT

1 Purpose built to handle healthcare payer policies Not dedicated to healthcare payor policy problem-solving
2 Trained on 5000+ authentic payor policy guidelines Not trained on authentic payor policy guidelines
3 Provide references for each query with policy documents No reference provided
4 Provide a well-structured answer May not provide a well-structured answer
5 Compliant with HIPPA Guidelines Not compliant with HIPPA Guidelines
6 Secure, Data never leaves your subscription No privacy and security
7 Can be trained on any external payor guidelines Cannot be trained on any specific payor guidelines

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