Simplify Information Retrieval with Custom Copilot Services

With our custom copilot, you can quickly get answers of your queries. Train it once on your knowledge base and let it do the work for you.

Capabilities of Our Custom Copilot

Our approach to copilot development is focused on simplicity and minimalism. Custom copilot is designed to provide prompt and precise responses, and it can be effortlessly trained on your organization’s knowledge base while being integrated with any platform. By using our copilot, you will be able to save valuable time and resources while simplifying your queries.

Seamless API Integration

Our chatbot APIs can be easily integrated across different domains and platforms, enabling you to personalize your experience and get more out of our services.

Natural Language Processing

Our chatbot uses natural language processing to understand the context of conversations and identify the intent behind questions, helping it provide accurate responses.

Conversational AI

Every conversation with your custom copilot assistant, from the initial greeting to complex queries, is powered by advanced natural language processing techniques and machine learning technologies.

Data Security

Our copilot provides enterprise-grade security, ensuring all interaction data is stored privately and securely and only accessible by designated administrators.

Exclusive Benefits with Custom Copilot Premium Features

Choosing our custom copilot means you're not just getting a standard service. You're gaining access to exclusive benefits and custom premium features designed to enhance your experience.

  • Get and download citations for each response
  • Build your own knowledge base
  • Redirect to web search for unknown questions
  • MAC-based search filter
  • Payer-based filter option
  • Medicaid Eligibility State-based sorting criteria

Steps to Train Custom Copilot


Upload your files


Index your files


Copilot is ready