Gen-AI Copilots, Solving Complexities in a Minute

DataRovers has developed AI copilots to answer complex payor policy and insurance eligibility queries accurately and quickly.

Choose A Copilot That Works For You

Our copilot solutions are designed to help consumers navigate and resolve complex issues.

Custom Copilot Development

  • Build industry-specific copilot with expert assistance
  • Have a ready-to-use copilot in less than 30 days
  • Train pre-existing copilots and develop your own knowledge hub
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Payor Policy Copilot

  • Ask about payor policy complexities
  • Get instant answers with references in no time
  • Retrieve information from knowledge base of 9000+ payor policies
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Medicaid Eligibility Copilot

  • Ask about patients' financial and non-financial eligibility
  • Check Medicare eligibility based on Medicare enrollment status
  • Download the required Medicaid forms right from the chatbot
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Why DataRovers Gen-AI Copilot Solutions?

Easy to Train

Able to Customize

End-to-end encrypted

Authentic Knowledge Base