Making Denial Management Easier for You!

Denials 360 is a customized solution that helps the healthcare industry and RCM companies reduce denial management efforts and costs with advanced predictive analytics and generative AI models.

Quick Revenue Overview with AI-powered Claim Scoring System

  • Predict the optimal claim outcomes with AI based opportunities
  • Identify the reasons for denial in a simple and efficient manner
  • Our machine-learning model is tailored to your data
  • Efficient Denial Management with Smart Queues

  • Enables timely filing by prioritizing ideal claims
  • Boost productivity by sorting claims based on AI scoring
  • Improve revenue flow by working on high-value claims
  • Stay Informed About Denial Trends With Alert Center

  • Generate alerts for crucial claims
  • Get Immediate updates on status changes and rejections
  • Take proactive measures for revenue maximization based on timely information
  • Visualize Denial Trends with a Denials Heatmap

  • Gain instant insights into denial trends
  • Effortlessly analyze specific hospitals or departments.
  • Filter denials by reason code, procedure, and more.
  • Leverage actionable insights through our advanced Machine Learning algorithm
  • Denial 360 Advantage: Smarter Healthcare

    Decisions at Lower Cost

    Maximized Revenue

    Predict claim approval odds and prevent claim denials to boost your revenue.

    Proactive Denials Prevention

    Use predictive analytics and root cause analysis to avoid denials and improve claims management.

    Optimized Workflow

    Use work queues for Efficiency, organized workflow, time and resource savings.

    Improved Claim Accuracy

    Achieve more accurate claims predictions for enhanced financial performance.