HIPAA Compliance Statement

DataRovers has implemented many safeguards to certify its information technology program is compliant with the regulations and conditions set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Availability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). DataRovers is committed to continually improving its technology to become more secure and aware of threats that it may face.

Administrative Safeguards

DataRovers has put numerous safeguards in place to prevent unauthorized access to our systems. All system users must be verbally authorized by a member DataRovers and must have been confirmed as an employee or contractor of an authorized Business Associate.

Physical Safeguards

DataRovers has an Inventory of all devices that are used to access ePHI within its organization. These devices are kept under lock and key when not in use, as well as being password protected. Access to our office location is kept under lock and key and only employees have key access. Physical media is stored in a locked cabinet. Equipment and Document disposal is handled by a third-party HIPAA HIPAA-certified shredding service. Server backups are generated on a nightly basis and provide access to the previous 5 days as restore points.

Technical Safeguards

DataRovers enforces unique user identification requirements across all of its systems, various database audit logging, data integrity systems and verified backups, entity authentication programs, digital certificates, and increasing measures to provide enhanced data integrity and encryption.


DataRovers is committed to keeping all PHI and sensitive information secure. For further information, refer to our Privacy Policy or contact our HIPAA Compliance Officer, Horeb Edward at [email protected] or +1 630-672-7090

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