AI Chatbot Assisting with Medicaid Eligibility Verification

Our AI-powered chatbot eligibility copilot assists RCM companies, healthcare professionals, and front desk practice managers in verifying patient eligibility for Medicaid plans quickly and accurately.

We Have Simplified The Medicaid Eligibility Verification Process For You!


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What You Can Expect From Industry Expert Eligibility Copilot ?

Our AI-powered copilot is helping you determine your patient's eligibility for a Medicaid insurance plan based on the following parameters:

  • Financial/Non-Financial Eligibility (Assists, Income, Age, Relationship etc.)
  • Medical Condition (Long-term care, Pregnancy, Disability, etc.)
  • Medicare enrolment status

Features That Make Medicaid Eligibility Copilot Incredible!

  • Trained on Medicaid eligibility criteria
  • Response promptly and accurately
  • Fully compliant with HIPAA guidelines
  • Allow downloading the necessary forms right from the chatbot