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Who We Are?

DataRovers is a leading health IT SaaS product that was established in 2017 and headquartered in Carbondale, United States. The organization was conceived through the collaboration of two industry leaders from distinct sectors, Dr. Jawad Popalzai, a respected figure in the healthcare industry, and Mr. Sam Khan, an expert in the technology and IT sector. The mission of these two intellects is to help health IT and healthcare industries prevent revenue loss and make healthcare businesses bloom.

What We Offer?

We offer three solutions Denials 360, Smart Appeals, and Copilots to streamline claims processing. These incorporate advanced machine learning and generative AI technologies and are tailored to effectively manage denials, generate fast appeal letters, and address payor policy and insurance eligibility-related queries.

DataRovers Leadership

DataRovers is an invention of thoughtful executives who work collaboratively with employees to achieve our shared mission. Our leadership is dedicated to introducing innovative solutions in healthcare and addressing financial challenges.

Dr. Jawad Popolzai, CEO and co-founder at DataRovers, is a prominent figure in the healthcare industry. He has served humanity as a skilled physician and oncologist for 20+ years at reputed healthcare centers located in the US. His compassion for his patients is unmatchable. His notion, DataRovers, also made a significant contribution to this empathetic vision, where he is empowering healthcare businesses with innovation and preventing revenue losses. 

Mr. Sam Khan, co-founder and CTO at DataRovers, is a true inspiration. With 25 years of experience, he has established himself as a tech authority and a visionary leader who never gives up. His impressive personality and career background as a prominent contributor to global giants like Microsoft, HP, and Accenture are witness to his persistent commitment to excellence. DataRovers is also his invention and is now ready to change the health IT industry.

Mohamed Chaouchi is a visionary leader with a proven successful execution record. 20+ years of project management, team leadership, and supervisory experience. Co-authored predictive analytics for Dummies. Expert in all phases of the software development life cycle and data management. Entrenched expertise in predictive analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data.

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