Denials Management Made Easy, Solutions That Work!

Helping RCM companies and hospitals streamline their denials management process with Gen-AI based solutions


Gen-AI Copilots Bringing Solutions to Each Complexity

DataRovers has created diverse generative AI copilots that can efficiently answer your payor policy based and insurance eligibility related complex queries in a minute.

An all-in-one platform to streamline your Healthcare Denials

Denials 360

Gain insights and forecast healthcare denials effectively with a Gen-AI and ML-based solution.

Smart Appeals

Streamline the appeals workflow by utilizing Gen-AI appeal software.

Gen-AI Copilots

Boost your productivity by 5X with our innovative healthcare co-pilot solutions.

Denials 360

Our Machine learning-based solutions help you to visualize and predict healthcare denials efficiently.

  • Visualize denial trends
  • Identify the root cause of denial
  • Prioritize high-risk claims
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Smart Appeals

Automate appeals workflow with our generative AI-based solution.

  • Generate appeal letters
  • Auto-populate essential fields
  • Attach supporting evidence
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Gen-AI Copilots

Supercharge your team’s productivity by 5X with our innovative copilot services.

  • Policy Copilot Simplifies payor policy complexities
  • Eligibility Copilot Ensures accurate Medicaid verification
  • Custom Copilot Get tailored copilots for your business.
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We Will Help You Achieve


Denials Reduction


First Pass Claim


AR Reduction Rate


Productivity Boost


Revenue Increase

Ideal For Whom

RCM Companies
Medical labs
Solo /Group practices

Frequently Asked Questions

How do DataRovers ensure data protection and privacy of client’s information?

The DataRovers platform is fully compliant with HIPAA guidelines, and it provides end-to-end encryption and security for all data.

What is the pricing plan for each product or a complete solution suite?

Our pricing model ensures transparency, with no hidden charges. It’s based on your usage, determined by the quantity of claims, appeal letters, and inquiries you submit. Contact us for a quote today.

Can I have one of your solutions instead of taking all three?

Yes, you can pick the solution that compliments your business needs. Data Rovers is always happy to help you. 

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